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David Reichner

David Reichner

Mariner Folk

Mariner Folk

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Mike Thompson

He Lives - Live Show / Past Broadcasts

Interfaith Broadcast

Wed, Nov 22, 2023 Event

Interfaith Broadcast

Wed, Nov 15, 2023 Event

Our Father in Heaven reveals His love through His Son,
Jesus Christ who sings.

Jesus Christ Sings Portrayed by David Reichner


Mission Statement

We are here to share our Creator's love for all mankind, even the declaration that Jesus Christ is His only Begotten Son; who He loves and sent into the world to save the world. Our Father in Heaven inspired this concept to all the world and wants us to know He loves us.
He wants us to prepare to meet the Lord and know that: He Lives, He Heals, He Sings and He can do all things that man can do.


This logo was created and designed is based off of the Star of David with a heart interwoven into the composition. The Star of David represents the Jewish people and uniting people with love and connection. As the Savior returns within the last days, we felt like we needed to unite each other with love and connection based upon righteous principles.As we continue to unite into the future, we can do so with kindness, love, the pure love of Christ, harmony, peace, and balance centered on Christ. For He is the King of Jews, and all mankind.
This symbol to me is a sacred symbol, and I know it can help bless the lives of so many.
This symbol represents the Diving Light of our Savior Jesus Christ. We hope all who see it will feel His love.


  1. Offering up your talents unto the Lord and join us in our community.

  2. Participate as an actor, vocalist, or model.

  3. Financially supporting a music video.

  4. Volunteer to help our cause.


Donations come from viewers like you.
We desire to continue to make more videos like this with your help.
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David Reichner's Biography

For 25 years David Reichner has coached professional, collegiate and HS basketball, among other sports. As an education consultant and administrator he has worked with 15 different Universities and k12 institutions of learning. He has sat on executive boards providing innovative concepts to help generate revenue, and develop institutions/businesses.He has taught various subjects in the classroom, with a recent stint as a district wide psychologist; he hopes to get his Doctorate degree soon before the Lord returns. David has been asked to be an actor, model and vocalist portraying Jesus Christ. He has worked on various sets, and participated in various shoots. He is no stranger to performing on a big stage in sports and in the arts.As a faithful follower of Jesus Christ, having studied most major religions throughout the world, David is excited to work with those of all faiths, and help everyone he comes in contact with to become the best they can become, even discussing where to obtain absolute truth. After 25 years of marriage he is a father of seven children and one grandson. His family is what he sacrifices and lives for.

Mariner Folk's Biography

Mariner is a life long member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints with pioneer heritage. He has a bachelor's degree in Psychology from Brigham Young University. He served a mission in the Philippines.He has broad interests in religion, mythology, and science. Mariner has a vast knowledge of various different religions. He is a honest seeker of truth and desires to help others live authentic lives according to their divine spiritual nature. He has read a lot of Hugh Nibley and studied Biblical Hebrew.He likes to play the cello, and lives in Washington State with his wife. Mariner is an open-minded person who likes to help invididuals come unto Christ and feel the love of God. He and Christopher have been friends for over twenty years.

Mike Thompson's Biography

For the entire length of Mike’s life he has been involved in church; and since age twelve in government, campaigns, and Constitutional Studies. For the last ten years Mike has studied the scriptures virtually every day, and written a synopsis of his studies on his Facebook scripture page, Daily Personal Church of Jesus Christ Studies. From the earliest years, Mike can remember feeling Jesus, telling his mother he was not going to the Church she was, and stepping out on his own even before he was ten years of age.This progressed from studies, to a desire to be a Lutheran Pastor, until Mike came in contact with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Mike had been twice baptized and the Spirit had told him
each time, these baptisms were not according to what Jesus taught. When Mike was baptized in the LDS Church he felt the spirit immediately and received confirmation that this was the true Church, encompassing the fullness of the gospel Mike became involved early in the John Kennedy campaign in 1960, contrary to his parents support for his opponent. In 1964 he campaigned for Barry Goldwater, and was Chair of his High School Youth for Goldwater. Mike advanced to Chair of his High School Teen Age Republicans and several other campaigns.
Mike graduated from BYU with a BA in Political Science, and graduated from
Thomas M. Cooley Law School, a conservative Law School, in Lansing, Michigan, and practiced law for thirty years. After joining the Church he became acquainted with Ezra Taft Benson, and received a job with Rep. Larry McDonald secured by Elder Benson. Mike has
served in the various offices in the Republican Party, served on a City Council, and in the Utah House of Representatives. Mike is involved now with the education of the citizenry in the principles of our Constitution, and the connection of the Spirit in the founding of America, and its continuance being
necessary for the continuation of this land, which is choice above all other lands.